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We have set ourselves to bring the best quality printed circuit board and most efficient service to you.  Services like PCB prototype is to save your time and give you peace of mind on your fabrication. With our experience in PCBs we are able to provide the following services and more to suit your unique requirements. 

- Quick-turn PCB prototype ⇒ 2layer PCB within 10 hours; 4layers pcb within 24 hours.

- PCB Boards fabrication ⇒ FR4, Flexi Boards, Flexi-Rigid Boards, Metal core boards (Aluminum boards), Isola 408, Isola 406 and various other materials (Please consult your sales representative).

- PCB production ⇒ Prototype PCB quantities or mass production.

- PCB production technology ⇒ Impendence control and testing; combination of two different types of material; blind buried holes/via holes; different colour soldermasks; BGA, ROHS production and many more.

We welcome you to send your enquiries and question on your PCB Boards or your designs to us, our professional staff will be delighted to attend to your needs.


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